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Paintings Thief, a fantasy stealth game by madsug, has been published by Mango Party on Steam.

Paintings Thief is a stealth action game centered on Marcia, a vengeful wife seeking justice for her husband. As a skilled artist, her beloved created a revered masterpiece that drew everyone’s attention during an auction. Tragically, he was swindled by a merchant, who managed to scam him out of the painting without even paying for it. Having been a thief herself in her youth, Marcia decides to break into the merchant’s mansion and recover the masterpiece.

The game mixes stealth segments with action-packed boss fights. Players control Marcia as she sneaks into the massive mansion armed with a blade and a selection of magic spells. Enemies can either be avoided altogether or assassinated with blows to their backs. Players can also spend MP to cast magic, whether it's to become temporarily invisible or distract guards. Not all fights can be avoided, though, with players having to duel ferocious bosses at the end of many levels.

If Marcia is caught, she ends up at the mercy of her enemies, who will often abuse her body. The game features three difficulty levels to choose from and a multitude of erotic scenes utilizing Live2D animation.


An evil merchant forced a struggling artist to hand over his once-in-a-lifetime masterpiece after it broke records at the art auction, depriving him of his greatest achievement, and leaving him penniless.Marcia, the artist’s wife, knew that something had gone awry. She channeled her skills as a former thief, making plans to steal the painting back and punish the evil merchant!


-Refreshing stealth-based gameplay!

-Breeze through the story or challenge yourself with three different difficulty levels!

-Coordinate and time your spells to deceive your enemies. Make them dance in your palms!

-Think fast and move faster as you battle the mansion’s tough bosses!

-All H-scenes have been enhanced with Live 2D animations for your pleasure!

Paintings Thief is now available on Steam for $5.99.

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