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VenusBlood GAIA International, an English release of a popular sRPG by Ninetail, is now available.

VenusBlood GAIA International is the long-awaited English version of a popular SRPG by Ninetail, finally heading for its global release. The game takes place on the fantastical island of Palastra, which has fallen from its golden age into an era of decay. Birthrates have plummeted, people are dying from an unknown plague ravaging the lands, and dangerous, grotesque creatures began appearing throughout the kingdoms.

In a race to save everyone, Archduke Theofrad of the Sorcerous City of Energeia discovers a new power source: the Ether. With it, he could potentially save the island. However, the religious empire of Granleyd deems his practice heretical and beings a crusade against him. It’s up to the player to help the city and Theofrad defend themselves as they work to save the world.

Between experiencing the game’s story chapters, players are tasked with defending the city using its magical labyrinth. As enemy forces have to navigate its corridors, players are given a chance to set traps and deploy their own units to push back against the invasion.

Units take the form of divisions containing six heroes, each of which can be customized individually. With up to three divisions deployed on each stage, players get to control 18 characters as they take part in tactical battles within the labyrinth’s corridors. When opposing divisions engage in combat, the fight transitions to a traditional turn-based RPG format, with players deciding on their actions as they try to vanquish enemy soldiers.

The combat system is optional, with a focused story mode allowing for instant victories, while those who enjoy the system may also engage with it on higher difficulties and in new game plus modes. The story of the game contains multiple branches with different endings for chaos and law routes, encouraging multiple playthroughs.

VenusBlood GAIA International is now available on JAST USA at the reduced price of $40.49, where it will later cost $44.99. In the future, the game will also be available on Steam. You can wishlist it in the meantime.

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