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Free Boys Love Visual Novel To Have and to Hold Is Available on Itch.io

Ebi-Hime’s kinetic visual novel of an alternate universe, To Have and to Hold, has been published on Itch.io.

To Have and to Hold is a visual novel featuring Yuel and Tavi, characters from one of Ebi-Hime’s kinetic eroge, All Ashes and Illusions. Just like All Idleness and Ephemora and Unluckily in Love, this game is an alternate universe boys love game where Tavi and Yuel get together in different scenarios. Even though these characters are originally from All Ashes and Illusions, the other games are written as standalone stories, so you do not need to play the other games to enjoy it.

In To Have and to Hold, Yuel's life has been one major upset after another. He is a twenty-eight-year-old office worker working a boring 9-to-5 job. Ten years ago, his wealthy father disowned him and died six months afterwards. Ever since, Yuel has barely been staying afloat financially. When he gets invited to his aunt’s wedding, he reconnects with his attractive and easygoing cousin, Tavi, Due to multiple unforeseeable circumstances, Yuel and Tavi have to share a hotel room and a bed together for the wedding. With the wedding atmosphere and an abundance of champagne, will Yuel have any regrets this weekend? Is this a one time fling, or will it evolve into something more?

- 40k words of text (approx 2-4 hours of reading)

- A linear story with no choices or branches

- Detailed character and background art

- A cute BL story about a couple of cousins

- Drunken confessions

- Emotional angst

- Sex!

To Have and to Hold is available for PC, Mac, Linux, and Android. You can download it from Itch.io for free. The game will also be released on Steam some time in the future.

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