If it's a hole, it's a goal.

Neostesia 2200, a cyberpunk card game about revenge and gang warfare by Erogames is now available on their storefront.

Neostesia 2200 is a multiplayer collectible card game that revolves around a cyberpunk revenge plot. Its story takes place in a futuristic city suffering from constant gang warfare and drug use. The protagonist is a young man whose mother ended up overdosing on one of the most popular narcotics on the street, with the addiction driving her to prostitution while she was alive. Disgusted and enraged by the fate that befell her mother, the protagonist decides to form a gang. With it, he plans to take down the syndicate responsible for distributing these drugs to his only family, ready to take over the entire city if it’s necessary to put a stop to the epidemic.

The card-based gameplay of Neostesia 2200 represents the many turf battles between drug lords, gangs, and corporations. Matches take place on a hexagonal board, with players taking turns placing down tiles and playing cards. Unit cards can only be played on tiles of a corresponding color, with each player able to place two neutral tiles or one color tile per round. Additionally, playing a card costs funds, which are gained at the start of the turn, and by keeping a unit near one of the four bank tiles. So long the player has the needed tiles and can afford to do so, they can play as many cards as they want during their turn.

Cards are divided between units, special effects, and buildings. Most units can only move one tile per turn and can attack starting from the next turn they are summoned. Many of them boast special effects, providing additional strategic options aside from large health and damage pools. Special effect cards play out instantly, helping allies or hindering enemy units, while buildings provide passive effects until they are destroyed. The goal of the game is to reduce the opponent’s health to zero by attacking their avatar.

Neostesia 2200 features a story-driven adventure mode, boss mode challenges, and a PvP system with casual and ranked matchmaking. By playing the game, players can collect credits and Neocoins which can be spent on unlocking new cards, card packs, cosmetics, and animated erotic scenes featuring the heroines. Some erotic loops appear as part of the story, while others can simply be purchased from the gallery. The collectible cards also showcase eroticism, though they often remain relatively safe for work, as they’re designed to be logical within the game's world. Neostesia 2200 currently features over 20 animated sex scenes to unlock and view.

Neostesia 2200 is free to play on Erogames with optional purchases available. The game can be played on Android, PC, and MacOS. You can also visit its official website.

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