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(non)human desires, a roguelike simulator about a women's experiences in Hell, is currently in development by nonhumans.

(non)human desires is one of four games actively being worked on by nonhumans, a team of independent developers. The game takes place in Hell, where a cunning demon leaves the story’s heroine to fend for herself, warning her that this place is largely a human creation.

From then on, players are free explore the randomly-generated hellish landscape, collecting treasures and killing demonic imps with rocks. Both actions grant the player coins, which can be spent to have the only other female denizen, Seraphine, flash her body at the heroine. It's an invaluable action, as whenever imps get close to the heroine, they will molest her, increasing her arousal; Seraphine’s prostitution is the only available form of relief in Hell.

The current build of (non)human desires is rather limited. Little can be done aside from collecting money, paying off Seraphine or letting the imps get their hands on the heroine. While the game can generate a near-infinite amount of levels, every level offers the same type of content at the moment. The developer plans to expand on the concept in the future, with the ability to summon demons, farm resources, craft items, and create orgies with other NPCs, who will also provide a deeper look into the story and setting.

Cute girl corrupts inhuman Hell.

2D roguelite-sandbox-hellsimulation-rpg with LEWD ANIMATIONS.

CONTROLS (only mouse):

LMB - move & attack

RMB - select cell & action menu & pause

How to get a lewd scenes in v1?

• Give Emmy's body to monsters (blowjob)

• Talk to Seraphina and pay her (undress her)

How to earn coins?

• Go to a chest - RMB - Interact

• Kill monsters (left-click or throw something)

• Enter portals (which generate a new location)


• story, crafting, inventory, creating orgies, summoning succubus/incubus, furry, farming, better animations, GUIDE with all object interactions, your ideas

• more freedom, characters, sounds, locations, monsters, interactions

• non-human ontologies, dark vitalism, speculative realism

Influences: G. Harman, R. Brassier, S. Shaviro, B. Woodard, J. M. Schaeffer, D. Trigg, J. Bennett, E. Thacker

Those interested can try the latest free build of (non)human desires on If you enjoy the game, you can support nonhumans on Patreon.

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