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Border Conqueror, Kanoe's territory suppression visual novel, has been published on Steam by Playmeow Games and ACG creator.

Border Conqueror is a hybrid of an SRPG and a visual novel in which players take over and defend territory. After the Norman Empire took control of Keter, the western side of the continent was split into the Duchy of Sarich and Krosa. It had taken the Norman ruler, Sulipanaxa, seven years to defeat all of his rivals in Sarich, and after seventy years of being ruled by the Normans, the Cesteners had enough: citizens were about to turn against the Norman Empire. The exiles of Keter had begun returning to the region and the 13th Legion of the Norman Empire, “Griffin,” started to rebel.

The Norman Empire is currently ruled by Empress Catherine Norman, with the advice of Prince Nicholas Norman. To put an end to this rebellion, she has called upon her best legion. When the rebels invaded a city located South of the Norman Empire, they were ambushed by the 2nd Norman Legion, “Fetorem.”

Players will take control of Captain Fetorem, commander of the 2nd Legion “Fetorem.” As captain, your job is to suppress the rebelling territories and defend the empire. When a territory is taken over by the rebels, you can recover it by going on the offensive. Once territory has been reclaimed, you can transfer your troops over there to defend it, with your morale deciding the outcome of these actions. If you are in need of more troops, you can start policing in different territories to increase recruitment rates and reduce bandit appearances. How you choose to treat your captured territories is up to your own discretion: either manage them appropriately or abuse your power and force the women to service you sexually.

◆ Game Features

◇ War themed, multi-character game. 33 basic CGs, including more than 500 differentials

◇ 3 types of endings (Excluding normal bad endings)

◇ Game text: 100,000

◇ A visual novel with strategic elements, a medieval style game.

You can purchase Border Conqueror on sale from Steam for $7.19. After July 25th, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price of $7.99.

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