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Hopeless junction, a visual novel about a dog girl's encounter with a bunny girl on the transcontinental express, is now available on Itch.io.

Hopeless junction is a free kinetic visual novel made by nadia novia, the creator behind the trans eroges Demon Dash and doomsday dreamgirl. The game follows Kalinda, a trans dog girl who is on an expensive train ride with her friends on the transcontinental express. Seeing that her traveling companions, Chundra, Keith, and Sunako, were hanging out elsewhere, she went back to her cabin to take a nap, only for a tall and domineering bunny girl to stand in her way.

Kalinda asks her to move out the way, with this small interaction escalating into the girl coaxing Kalinda into coming to her cabin for some alcohol. After a couple drinks, Zarina, the bunny girl, kisses the dog girl. While Kalinda is aroused by the act and her dick goes hard, she doesn’t know how to feel about this. As the train ride continues, she will find out that this bunny seductress is willing to confuse and toy with her heart just for her own amusement.

Hopeless junction contains scenes involving dubious consent, sexual assault, voyeurism, exhibitionism, masturbation, handjobs, femdom, humiliation, forced vomiting, and more.

a bunch of tgirls get a trip on the world famous transcontinental express.

ive been thinking about trains and pervert girls for ages and something possessed me and i manifested this story into existence. it is my best work yet. my only regret is that there is no plushie fucking.

weird gay sex, utter confusion, heart wrenching panic and life altering trauma.

please enjoy it.

kinetic visual novel, 40k words

Hopeless junction is available on PC, Mac, Linux, and Android. You can download the game for free on Itch.io.

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