Clean up for the next guy

Slime Girl Smoothies, Shady Corner Games’ drink-making puzzle game, is receiving a Nintendo Switch release in August.

Slime Girl Smoothies is an eroge currently being ported onto the Nintendo Switch by the title's publisher, East Asia Soft. In this puzzle game, players take up the job of a floor manager at Slimey’s, a popular bar that has a unique way of mixing drinks. All the hostesses working there are slime girls, who mix the drinks inside their bodies before serving them to customers. As a floor manager, you’ll be learning from the mature manager, Berry; her daughter, Cherry; and two other coworkers, Mint and Plum. Choose a girl to work with, and she will teach you drink mixing techniques and more.

When your shift starts, you’ll pick a girl to work with and complete drink orders as they come in. Gameplay involves picking the right fruits and organizing them in the cup neatly before starting the mixing process. If the drink overflows and the drink needs to be dumped, the order will be counted as a failure and you'll be forced to move onto the next drink order; failing twice will cause you to restart your shift. After work hours, players get the chance to know the slime girls better and experience fully-voiced events with them. Slime Girl Smoothies features twenty CGs and over one hundred animated frames that bring the game's characters to life.

Mix it up with the juicy bartenders of Slimy’s as you create crazy drink combinations in fresh puzzle gameplay!


• Fill drink orders with addictive and engaging puzzle mechanics!

• Watch slime girls mix ingredients using their unique assets.

• Get to know the bartenders through dialogue and event CGs!

• Enjoy voiceovers that could make you melt.

• Unlock a collection of juicy images as you progress!

Slime Girl Smoothies will be released on the My Nintendo Store on August 4th for $14.99.

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