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MangaGamer announced four new titles during their panel at Anime Expo.

On July 2nd, MangaGamer held a panel at Anime Expo where they announced some of the new games they will be publishing in English. The first announcement was Hana Awase - New Moon, a series of hanafuda-themed otome games developed by HuneX and WoGa.

There are four installments in the series, with each one taking place in a different reality while using the same cast of characters. As each world is shown, the truth behind these battles will slowly be unveiled. Follow the heroine Mikoto as she gets caught up in a game of kasen meets five men with the power to change her world. The game will be released on MangaGamer, Steam, and the Nintendo Switch.

After being involved in an accident, she is accepted into Kasen National Academy where "flowers" are enrolled. She isn't very skilled, but she's the type to dive in head first and she knows the world of "Hana Awase," and becomes fully immersed in it. Her hobbies are cooking, sewing, and card games.

She was a first year at Kaibyaku High School until she was involved in an accident and was accepted into Kasen National Academy.

An average girl living in Kure City in the world of immortals—Tokoyo. A bit of a tomboy, she has a straightforward personality. She's the type to say what she thinks. She loves Kasen and would play Hana Utsushi with her childhood friends ever since she was little. She always wanted to go to Kasen, but her mother, Ren, refused, and she gave up her dreams. She enrolled at Kaibyaku High School where the elite go on to Kasen. After the emperor falls in love with her at first sight, she is accepted into Kasen at the imperial court. It's there that the emperor orders her to partner up with Chisen Team's top of the top, Iroha...

The second announcement was the next title in Alicesoft’s Beat series, Beat Valkyrie Ixseal. A student named Oudo Tsuguhiko believes he is the reincarnation of the Demon King and he is just waiting for his powers to return. That time finally comes when he is attacked by the valkyrie Ixseal and has all but one of his powers stolen by his Demonic Chancellor, Bezel. Ixseal finds out that Wargrim, Bezel’s army, has severed her connection to the heavens and her source of power. Left powerless, Ixseal joins forces with Tsugihiko, who powers her up with the power of lust.

Present day.

Oudou Tsuguhiko, the reincarnation of the Demon King, is an aspiring eroge writer. He lives his life as a human student, all while awaiting the day he can reawaken to his full potential and take over the world. However, when that day finally arrives, he is attacked by Ixseal, a Valkyrie tasked with the mission of claiming the Demon King’s life. Although he manages to escape, he is betrayed by his loyal subordinate, the demon Bezel, who steals all of Tsuguhiko’s dark powers... apart from the power of Lust. With the demons’ plot having left Ixseal stranded on Earth, she joins forces with her former adversary Tsuguhiko in order to fight against Bezel’s demonic army, the Wargrim. To gain enough strength to defeat these powerful demons, Tsuguhiko must use his power of Lust to give Ixseal energy via "dark guidance" (i.e. engaging in sexual activities with her). Will the Demon King and Valkyrie duo seize victory as they learn to fight and live together? Or will they instead meet a most sticky end?

The third announcement of the night was Welcome to a Sexy, Open World. Brought to us by MOONSTONE Cherry, the developers of Imouto Paradise, this is an isekai game where a young man is teleported to another world where he must become the father of a legendary hero.

When Sejima Seiya tried to save a dog from an oncoming truck, he wakes up in another world where he becomes part of a prophecy. It states someone from another world will appear and will father the legendary hero that will end all wars. The female leaders from all over come looking for Seiya to impregnate them so that their nation will be in a more powerful position than the others. If Seiya refuses their advances or doesn’t end up fathering a child, he will return to his original world right before the truck is about to hit him. Luckily for him, after arriving in this world, he obtained the ability to know when a woman is at her most fertile.

When he awakens from a terrible accident, Sejima Seiya finds himself in another world—Laurentide.

A world with a legend, long held by its people:

──The seed that shall give birth to heroes and end the era of war shall come from another world.──

Seiya has that seed within him.And despite being viewed as breeding stock, he still wishes to have sex.


Drawn by the legend, beautiful women gather from across the world, seeking his seed.

──Or perhaps some harbor the ambition of unifying the world under their motherland.

──Or perhaps some simply desire sex with Seiya.

Regardless, Seiya's days of getting milked by beautiful women have begun...

The final announcement was the horror nukige DEAD DAYS, from the infamous CLOCKUP. In this game, four strangers that have died are alive once again. If they want to continue breathing and keep their new bodies, they must hunt down specters. What makes this all unbearable is that their new bodies have an unnatural libido and they get aroused by stressors. Unfortunately, their boss doesn’t care about this and treats them like disposable tools. Can this group get accustomed to murder to keep themselves alive while enduring a constant desire? Will they ever return to their normal lives again?

Live, die, live again.

A group of men and women wake up in a strange place. Complete strangers to one another, each of them is a person who should be dead.

An anonymous figure offers to extend their lives in exchange for eliminating various spirits from the world. Only those like them, who have been raised from the dead, have the ability to find, touch, and ultimately kill these spirits.

Despite being brought back to life, they now find themselves at the mercy of ferocious sexual urges, never knowing when they'll be called to fight, and living in constant fear of their remaining lifespan running out.

Still not free from death, their cruel new existence begins...

You can view all the Anime Expo announcements on MangaGamer’s 2023 announcement site.

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