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Take Me To The Dungeon!!, Hanabi Fuusen's fantasy deck-building game has been published by Mango Party on Steam.

Take Me To The Dungeon!! is an isekai, roguelike deck builder. Players take the role of a man transported to a fantasy world, where he meets the swordswoman heroine, Una. She recruits his help to explore a dungeon housing the mischievous demon lord. The player chooses the path they take with Una as they venture deep underground together, experiencing side events with various characters and fighting abusive monsters in turn-based combat.

The game’s battle system is card-based. Throughout their adventure, players collect cards to construct Una’s fighting deck. These cards include offensive and defensive skills with a variety of different effects. Each turn, players are given mana to spend on playing cards down, followed by monsters making their own moves. There are 50 cards and 20 rune items to collect. Many cards can also be enchanted by finishing optional side stories, though these effects don’t always have to be positive.

Take Me To The Dungeon!! features 11 spine-animated erotic scenes and over 200 CGs in total. Fetishes include anything from monsters and tentacles to yuri encounters with succubi. Additionally, the story has multiple endings to experience and the leading heroines are fully voiced in Japanese.

Explore the depths of this massive dungeon with your adorable companion Una in this exciting R-18 deck-building adventure!

Dynamic Dungeon Layout

Fight through randomly-generated monster-filled dungeons and encounter merchants, treasures and story events. You can only see three levels down, so choose wisely as you push deeper into the dungeon.

Titillating Card Battles

Build the most powerful deck out of over 50 different cards and 20 different runes and use it to overwhelm your enemies! Be careful, because Una's clothes might tear if she gets injured!

Random Treasure

Obtain random treasures to upgrade Una's abilities. Put together the strongest combination and synergize it with your deck to deal ungodly amounts of damage!

An Exciting Story with Multiple Endings

Make choices and experience different endings in this exciting adventure story! Unlock different side stories to trigger various card enchantments. Some enchantments might come in handy, while others might hurt you!

Immerse yourself in the dialogue with Japanese voiceovers for all major characters!

A Plethora of Art and Animations

The game features 11 Spine-animated scenes and over 200 CGs! (variations included)You will not be disappointed by the oral sex, footjobs, group sex, yuri, monsters, tentacles, and more featured in the H-Scenes!

Take Me To The Dungeon!! is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $9.89 until July 13th, at which point it will cost $10.99.

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