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NekoNyan Faces Controversy Over Unprofessional Behavior

An employee of NekoNyan has accused their customers, staff, and Japanese culture of pedophilia; fans have since become outraged over the publisher’s inaction.

NekoNyan is a well-known and respected western eroge publisher. Through their efforts, many popular visual novels have been made officially available in English, including titles such as Fureraba, Riddle Joker, IxShe Tell. As a result of their consistent effort and quality translations, the company has garnered a wide user base, reliant on the team at NekoNyan to bring them many of Japan’s top visual novels.

The publisher’s range of titles also includes lolicon visual novels. As such, many of the customers became outraged when one of the translators working at NekoNyan was found openly asserting that fans of loli content were pedophiles. Among the employee’s comments were statements that “Japan is full of pedos” creating titles that appeal to “pedo tastes”. The translator has also claimed that the NekoNyan staff itself includes “plenty of pedos”. Most of the comments were made in 2022, with some dating back to mid-2021.

The employee's comments, which draw a direct connection between fans of cute, stylized erotica and material harmful to actual, real youths, didn’t sit well with many of NekoNyan’s customers. One of the users decided to compile some of the statements and send them to NekoNyan via Twitter. In their initial response, the publisher promised to look closely into the case.

Less than a day later, the publisher informed their followers that the employee was punished by being forced to read the lolicon visual novel, Onii♥Kiss. In later comments, the staff sided with the translator, stating that they know the translator well enough to not be offended by their language. The public reaction to their stance was mixed. Some Twitter users appeared to be undisturbed by the company's response, while many others felt betrayed that NekoNyan would employ someone who was happily insulting their own fans. To avoid any further confusion, the publisher confirmed that as a company, they appreciate cutesy designs as much as the sexy ones.

The translator in question, who has also worked with Shiravune, had publicly explained their position back in 2022. They expressed being used to Japan’s sensibilities and agree that fictional depictions of such material isn't harmful in itself; however, they also stated that lolicon media makes them feel like a pedo, which is why they don’t enjoy it.

Thus far, NekoNyanSoft appears to be fully satisfied with their employee’s right to the freedom of expression, even if it's used to insult some of their own customers. This story began only about a day as of this writing, so the story could still develop further. While lolicon content hasn’t been shown to cause any issues in society, its fans often face backlash and criticism for enjoying such content, which will likely remain unchanged.

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