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My Naughty Summer Vacation ~Days in Countryside and Memories of Summer~, Dieselmine’s slice-of-life simulator is available on JAST USA.

Previously, Dieselmine had published My Naughty Summer Vacation ~Days in Countryside and Memories of Summer~ on Steam back in June of 2022. Just as with two other fantasy titles of theirs, this summer vacation simulator has also made its way to JAST USA. In the game, the protagonist, Natsuo, is sent to spend his summer vacation with his grandfather in the countryside. When he arrives, he meets Aika and Yuriko, two sisters who are distant relatives of his. The youngest sister, Yuriko, is a tomboy close to Natsuo in age, while the oldest one, Aika, is a mature beauty with a nurturing personality. Even though this marks the first time Natsuo is spending his vacation elsewhere with distant relatives, he is looking forward to it.

Natsuo’s summer vacation ends in thirty days, with the goal being to use that time to get closer with Aika and Yuriko to have sex with them. Each day, players can explore the countryside and complete different events. These events are labeled with an exclamation mark around the village, but they're not marked on the map, so you will need to look for these events yourself. Time will pass even if you aren’t performing an action and some events can only occur at specific times. These events consist of going to different locations, finding items, or spending time with the heroines. When you are spending time with one of the heroines, you will have an opportunity to increase her affection.

An 3D simulation RPG in which the main character returns to the countryside and enjoys his summer vacation. Let's spend a special summer in the countryside with heroines, by talking, go to various places with countryside, playing, and others, while making memories of the summer.


- Let's talk a lot with heroines!

- You can go to various places in the countryside field.

- Various conversation events are available in the field. If you make the right choice, the heroine's likability will increase.

- Time passes as you walk through the field. Some events are limited to specific time periods.

- Summer vacation will end in about 30 days. Get to know the heroines and play with them before the end of summer vacation.

You can purchase My Naughty Summer Vacation ~Days in Countryside and Memories of Summer~ on sale from JAST USA for $15.99. When the sale ends, the game will return to its original sales price of $19.99.

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