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Shiranvune has published NUKITASHI, a visual novel where a group of rebels fight against a crazy sex law, on Steam and Johren.

NUKITASHI follows Juunosuke Tachibana, a young man who returned with his little sister Asane to Seiran Island after their parents died. Seiran Island has adapted a “pervert law” stating that all wanton sexual acts are permitted anywhere and if anyone breaks the law, they will be punished. While many islanders have accepted this law, Juunoskue was proud of his virginity and believed that sex had to be done with someone you love. To put an end to this ridiculous law, he established the anti-copulation front No Love No Sex (NLNS).

The NLNS consists of: Juunosuke; his lesbian sister Asane; Nanase Katagiri, a delinquent-looking virgin that many students believe is the biggest slut in school; Hinami Watarai, a petite upperclassmen that guys assume is underaged; and Hotori Misaki, a quiet girl who is uncomfortable with showing off her body. To help reach his goal, he has partnered up with an unknown benefactor who is willing to provide the group with a hideout and an abundance of money in exchange for a favor. They must find and protect a girl who will be the key to their success. Can they find her and stop the pervert law before they get caught and deflowered?

You can purchase NUKITASHI on sale from Steam and Johren for $19.99. After June 30th, the sale on Steam will end and the game will return to its original sales price of $24.99. For Johren, the last day of the sale is July 6th. If you plan on buying the game from Steam, don’t forget to download the free R18+ DLC from Johren.

As an additional bit of news, Shiravune has announced via Twitter that they will also be publishing NUKITASHI 2 sometime in the future.

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