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The third-person shooter, Eliminator Kaede, and its VR adaptation, Celsius Room 509, have been published on JAST USA.

Eliminator Kaede is a third-person shooter, which we previously featured in 2019 during its initial Steam release. Some time later, its developer, Moyashi Institute of Technical Research, released a VR adaptation of the game titled Celsius Room 509. Both horde shooters have since been made available DRM-free on JAST USA.

Eliminator Kaede is a third-person shooter following a young woman hiding out in a city populated by mutants. There’s little in the ways of story in the game. Kaede’s general task is to hunt down the monsters roaming throughout town, which can be done in two game modes: sniper and survival.

In survival, players will be tasked with killing monsters for a set amount of time, trying not to succumb to their attacks. Various consumables can be found throughout levels, helping increase your survivability against the onslaught of mutants. The game also amplifies the carnage through high levels of gore, with enemy body parts flying off enemies as you shoot them down. The sniper game mode is the opposite of survival, challenging players to kill a specified enemy before the time runs out.

Based on your performance in either game mode, you’ll be awarded points, which can be spent on customization items for the heroine. Kaede can be customized with different hairstyles, accessories, and clothing. Additionally, interacting with various items throughout her house will trigger animated sex scenes.

Celsius Room 509 is a VR version of the game, allowing players to put on Kaede’s shoes and challenge the mutants themselves. The biggest difference between the two games comes with their erotic content: in Celsius Room 509, players can trigger various private scenes of Kaede defecating and peep on her in VR. All customization options from the original version of the game remain available.

Eliminator Kaede is now available on JAST USA at the reduced price of $11.96, where it will later cost $17.09. The title is also still available on Steam for $24.99.

Celsius Room 509 can be purchased from JAST USA for the promotional price of $13.22, where it will later cost $18.89.

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