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Y Press Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Monster Lover, HPL Studios' upcoming demonic yaoi visual novel.

Monster Lover is the latest visual novel project by HPL Studios and Y Press Games. The publisher is known for numerous yaoi visual novels, including the superhero visual novel Mister Versatile and the sci-fi drama Alpha Hole Prison. All of their work explores different facets of gay romance, with their new project aiming to explore the unusual pairing of an average man and a terrifying demon.

The story’s protagonist inherited a museum established by his father, only to discover he was conned into an agreement that allowed another group to transform it into a rage room. This rare form of entertainment allows people to rent out a place full of items they’re free to destroy, with the goal of letting some steam out. As a result, the museum is slowly turning to rubble.

Having no one else to depend on, the protagonist looks over some of the artifacts stored in the museum and finds one said to house a demon. Unable to think of any better ideas, he tries activating the tool and to his surprise, the demon Balasque appears in the room with him. Despite his gigantic, powerful and terrifying appearance, Balasque is truly supportive. He quickly takes a romantic interest in the protagonist and offers to help him to the best of his ability. Though his specialty includes killing for vengeance, it’s ultimately up to the protagonist what requests he makes of his new partner.

Monster Lover is planned to feature about 50,000 words of storytelling, with a narrative that leads into nine different endings, with no bad ends among them. For the game's creative vision to be fully realized, Y Press Games' crowdfunding campaign will need to raise at least $6,000 in funding — a goal they’ve almost met, with $5,433 raised at the time of writing.

The team behind the visual novel is assured they can deliver the visual novel by December of this year, barring any unpredictable events. While there are no planned stretch goals for the project, pledging to the campaign allows those interested to pre-order the game. Copies of the visual novel for either Steam or Itch.io are offered to everyone who donates at least $15, together with the ability to be credited in the game. Pledging $25 or more grants access to a strategy guide and the OST, while top-tier backers are given early access beta codes and die-cut chibi stickers of the main characters.

If you’re interested in Monster Lover, you can support the project on Kickstarter until July 31st or try out the demo available on Steam and Itch.io. Monster Lover is currently scheduled for a December 2023 release date and will be available for PC, Mac and Linux.

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