Lick twice for service

A miserable young man is reborn as a fantasy world noble in Isekai Slave, available now on Steam.

Isekai Slave, is a short erotic visual novel made by Hot Bamboo, the developer of Keiko-san (47) my co-worker, is a single mother. In the game, you play as Yuji, a man who has lived a stressful life from the get go. He was bullied throughout his childhood and would often lock himself away in his room. After becoming an adult, his parents forced him into an arranged marriage with a woman he didn’t love and his wife eventually left him for another man. While his misery ended when he died in an accident, his new life was about to begin.

After his death, Yuji was reborn in a fantasy land with magic and mythical creatures — it was similar to that of a video game.Now, he's a respected noble from an influential family, but his life eventually became boring. One day, his guards caught two slave women, a mother and daughter, who escaped from their master. The mother begged Yuji to save them and he complied. What sort of relationship will he form with these unfortunate slaves? The game contains multiple h-scenes involving masturbation, impregnation, public sex, blowjobs, and more.

An adult visual novel game and its hentai game with full animation (Linear storyline), Isekai Slave Tells the story of a young man (Yuji) who gets into an accident and is suddenly reborn in another world. Yuji is a young man. his life is always suffering.

But all that changed when Yuji had an accident and died. He was reborn in another world. The world was like a fantasy world or like a world in a game, where things like magic, fantasy creatures, and kingdoms were real.

You can purchase Isekai Slave on Steam for $6.99.

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