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Onii♥Kiss: Onii-chan, Where's My Kiss?!, Tinkle Position’s incestuous harem comedy, has been released on JAST, MangaGamer and Denpasoft.

Onii♥Kiss: Onii-chan, Where's My Kiss?! is a harem comedy about the life of the only son in a loving family. The protagonist’s mother set strong rules around the house, chief of all that everyone is supposed to share kisses with each other to express their thanks and appreciation. Whether to say good morning or goodnight, the four sisters were meant to ask their brother for a kiss.

The girls grew up deeply attached to their brother, which led to them becoming upset when he had to move out to a separate house nearby due to his studies. The family then established that they’d bring him food in the evening to help him out, but the sisters couldn’t decide which among them would do it. In the end, they settled on using the kisses they shared as a score to decide who would be the delivery girl for each night. Players get to watch as the protagonist’s life turns even more ridiculous than usual, with his sisters growing more competitive over his kisses.

Onii♥Kiss: Onii-chan, Where's My Kiss?! features four fully-voiced heroines with personal routes and an additional route for the protagonist’s mother. An interactive kissing mini-game plays out between each chapter of the story, allowing players to kiss their chosen sister.

Onii❤Kiss is a visual novel with a twist! Play through the life of a family that likes to kiss each other a little too much! Story segments are broken up with interactive kissing mini-games where YOU can choose which of your sisters you want to kiss and, more importantly, where on their face you want to kiss them!


"Onii-chan, let’s kiss a whole lot today, okay?”

I was still a child when I noticed something was off about our house rules. Perhaps thanks to the influence of our mother, the kiss demon, my four sisters and I would take pretty much any excuse we could to share a kiss.

Good morning kisses, goodnight kisses, and of course, kisses before picking up a call or going to the bathroom. Since they were all girls and I was the only man in the house, the rules said they had to kiss me.

But one day, I was forced to move to a separate house in order to study. My sisters were supposed to bring me a late-night snack to help me focus on my studies, but when the time came to decide who would do it, strife ensued. Thanks to that, a new house rule was introduced:

“The one who gets the most kisses today gets to bring Onii-chan his snack!”

Onii♥Kiss: Onii-chan, Where's My Kiss?! is now available on JAST USA and Denpasoft for the promotional price of $13.49, where it will later cost $14.99. The visual novel can also be purchased on MangaGamer for $13.45, where it will later cost $14.95.

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