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Kneel Before the Demon Queen, a short adventure of a failed hero, has been published by BuxomDev and Monsterbox on

Kneel Before the Demon Queen is a short adventure game about Orlando, a hero who fails at his quest. His destiny was to defeat the demon queen Valefor and save the world from two hundred years of darkness. Despite his best efforts and the blessings bestowed upon him, he failed and became the demon queen’s new toy. Now, she tempts him to join her side using her own body.

Players take control of Orlando after his capture at the hands of the demon queen. Throughout the short story, they’ll experience several encounters between him and the bratty demon. There’s no combat or challenge to the game. Instead, players get to witness as Valefor humiliates the hero in numerous sexual encounters, interlaced by short moments of exploration.

Orlando was the proud hero of the kingdom, a strong and brave man blessed by the princess herself. He was destined to do battle with the demon queen and save the kingdom from two hundred years of darkness.

Unfortunately, he lost. Now he languishes in the demon queen's palace, a slave to her every whim and desire. Even worse, she has something special planned for him today. He can tell by the smug look on her face. Will Orlando escape from the clutches of Valefor in this short RPGMaker game? Or will the demon queen tempt him onto a darker path?

Featuring an original soundtrack and art by the one and only dr.doot, as well as an amazing trailer by WhiteCharisma!

Kneel Before the Demon Queen is now available for PC and Android on for $2.99. Purchasing the game grants you access to copies of the game on both platforms.

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