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PixelGreeds' RPG adventure and kinetic novel hybrid, Arcana: Heat and Cold Stories, is available on Steam.

Arcana: Heat and Cold Stories is the latest season in PixelGreeds’ adventure series Arcana: Hot and Cold. The game consists of five chapters with some of them being prequels to Season One and Two. As the story is centered around the side characters and the world of Arcana: Heat and Cold, it is recommended to play the previous games first.

To fill you in on the story, you play as a spellbreaker who cures people from the arcane fever, a mysterious illness that has been on the rise lately. Unlike most spellbreakers, you have little to no magical skill and deceive people into believing you. Instead of using magic, you break your patients’ fevers by having sex with them. While on your journey, you cure numerous women with the arcane illness and sometimes get into situations that you can’t lie you way out of. Luckily you team up with Miley, a fox girl who can hold her own in a fight.

Just like the previous games, there isn't any grinding, no penalties to pad the game out, and you won't be stuck searching for items that are impossible to see. The game functions more as a kinetic visual novel with turn-based combat. Simply follow the story and get to know more about the characters you have already met or will see in the future.

In this installment we:

- Dive into the history of the world of Arcana: Heat and Cold with Miley.

- Maybe meet Orange.

- Get to know more about the characters Spellbreaker has already met or will meet along the way, if he stays alive of course!

There are 5 chapters in this season, as they came out very intense. For example, one chapter has 3 different girls and 2 h-scenes!

And although the total length of the game, the amount of text and pictures is somewhere between Season 1 and Season 2, I decided to make this season the cheapest.

You can purchase Arcana: Heat and Cold Stories on sale from Steam for $3.39. After June 14th, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price of $3.99.

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