You will never be the same again

Trigon Fan’s Public Bounce and the DLC, Public Bounce - Public Secrets, is Available on Steam.

Public Bounce is a free game that is part of Trigon Fan’s Bounce series. Unlike their previous game, Riding to Bounce City, the gameplay for this one just involves completing quick time events. You'll follow the raunchy stories of cute girls who like to have sex in public places with their partners. With the help of a new invention called the “Nodus,” you can see what fun activities they are up to and where they are doing it. Whether they get caught in the act or feel any shame depends on you.

The stories are narrated by a sexy presenter and fully animated. Girls can be viewed from two different camera angles at one time so you look at her face and pussy while she gets off. There are also unlockable skills which will give you buffs or remove part of a girl’s outfit. Trigon Fan has also released the paid DLC, Public Bounce - Public Secrets. Bastet, the guardian of secrets, will be your guide through two romantic tales. One follows a bespectacled girl in a quiet library and the other, a blonde in a bustling mall.


- Fully voiced

Make yourself comfortable and listen to a variety of stories exquisitely narrated by our talented actresses.

- Fully animated characters

Cute women animated in fabulous 4K.

- A variety of mini-games

Can you please your partner while doing other tasks? Or will the distraction win you over?

- Control everything with one hand!

So you can… eat popcorn while enjoying the story.

- Make them moan with your actions!

Interactive action.

- Easy Game Instructions

Use the space bar to complete the tasks.

Public Bounce can be downloaded from Steam for free and its DLC, Public Bounce - Public Secrets, can be purchased for $4.99.

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