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A fandisc expansion for Alcot’s comedy visual novel, Onigokko!, is now available for pre-order on JAST USA.

Onigokko! FanDisc is a short continuation of the original comedy adventure, providing players with new story routes for some of the title's most beloved heroines. The previous story introduced readers to Onigashima Gakuen. The school is set on the island of ogres who stole magical artifacts, only for them to be later recovered by Momotaro and his friends, just as in the traditional Japanese tale. In the modern day, a descendant of the oni, Urabe Keisuke, attempted to steal back said artifacts.

To Keisuke’s dismay, the descendants of Momotaro began studying at Miyajima Island’s school together with him, hot on the trail of his antics. In the end, their rivalry blossomed into love. Now in the Onigokko! FanDisc, fans can see what happened after the ends of their favorite romance routes, with new stories for Akari, Nazuna, Otome, Kana, and Kureha. The fandisc also brings a new route for fans of incest, with Urabe Aoi’s love story.

Onigokko is back! This is the official fandisc, or short sequel, to Onigokko! It provides more story with the characters you've grown to love, and even offers you five new routes with some of the characters you wanted to see even more of in the first game! More laughs, more adventures, more goofing around with your old Onigokko! pals, and of course, more H-scenes!


Welcome back to Miyajima Island! Without spoiling too much of the first game, the Onigokko! FanDisc has after stories for each of the game's heroines! In case you've ever wondered how things shoot out between you and your favorite girl from the first game, or just wanted to experience a little more of what made her so magical, this fandisc has it!

But in addition, we've got a little extra for you; an imouto route, for all of you sister-lovers out there who felt like the first game left you wanting! Want no more, for that wrong is righted here, as Keisuke's sister has her own fully playable story!

To see more of Onigokko’s off-the-wall comedy antics, you can pre-order the Onigokko! FanDisc on JAST USA for the promotional price of $16.99, where it will later cost $19.99. The visual novel is scheduled to be released on the 23rd of June.

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