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Ran Away From Home, Short Hair Simp’s simulator game, is now available for purchase on DLsite and Itch.io.

Created by Short Hair Simp, the same developer behind Asmodeus Possessed and 30 Days Vacations, Ran Away From Home follows Ran, a young girl whose mother just remarried. Her step-father would often peep on her while she was changing, until one night, he burst into her bedroom and raped her outright. When her mother saw them after the act, she accused Ran of seducing her husband and slapped her. Unable to deal with living at home anymore, she runs away to the city to live with her childhood friend, Alex. Everything seemed to work out fine, as he was even able to find a job for her, but Ran finds out that Alex owes the mafia a $2,000,000 debt.

Players will be able to collect CGs by following the game's story and triggering various events. Ran Away From Home features three endings and one story route: a good end, bad end, NTR end, and a true end. Which ending you get is determined by how many affection points a character has. While living with Alex, you can earn money by either working at the convenience store as a delivery girl, working at a restaurant as a chef, or working as a prostitute. Each job is timed, so you must complete them soon after accepting them; if the task isn't completed task within the time limit, your pay will be deducted. Additionally, your stamina is limited, so you can only perform five jobs unless you rest for the day. Use your hard-earned cash to help Alex get out of debt or spend it on luxuries, such as erotic massages.

You can purchase Ran Away From Home from Itch.io for $2.75 and on DLsite for 440¥ (approx. $3.15). Additionally, there is also a demo available on both sites.

Before purchasing the game on DLsite, make sure you have a Japanese language pack on your PC and your system locale set to Japanese. You can learn more about this on DLsite’s help page.

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