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ManEaterGames has launched a Kickstarter for their boy's love sword & sorcery visual novel, titled The Frozen Kingdom.

ManEaterGames has just started a Kickstarter campaign for The Frozen Kingdom, a boy’s love visual novel inspired by the sword and sorcery genre, home to works such as Conan the Barbarian. In The Frozen Kingdom, readers will follow Einar, the barbarian hero, on their quest for revenge. The lands Einar inhabits used to be covered in snow by the magic of an evil sorceress, until humans and elves banded together to slay her. Now, years later, her son Oggun has stepped out from the shadows. As her heir, he’s trying to wrestle control over the lands in his mother’s place. In the midst of his conquest, he has his men raze Einar’s own village.

With his friends and family killed, the young barbarian swears to defeat Oggun in their name. On his journey, he’s joined by an elf prophet, Zerebeth, who’s following visions of a hero capable of defeating Oggun, as well as Mathias, a shifty merchant who’s known Einar since his childhood.

The story will be released in two versions: an all-ages release and an adult release. The game's erotic scenes will feature both consensual and forced depictions of sex, including portrayals of incest and humiliation.

ManEaterGames is an experienced studio developing Boys' Love visual novels. Their past work includes I deserve a happy ending, a gay love triangle about royal politics, and Monstrous Lovers, a casual romance novel featuring werewolves, vampires, and more. The Frozen Kingdom aims to use a more traditional fantasy setting. If developed fully in accordance with their vision, the visual novel will feature a story filled with meaningful choices that spans 50,000 words, 15 CGs, and an original OST. Just like their previous titles, The Frozen Kingdom will be available in both English and Spanish.

To finish the project, the studio needs to raise at least $6,870. Their focus right now is to meet this main funding goal. The majority of the funds will go towards finishing the artwork for the story, which will also be expanded further if the project's main funding goal is exceeded. Backers of the project who pledge at least $12 can expect to receive a key for the full release, to be redeemed on either Steam or Itch.io. The team also plans to prepare tasteful wallpapers, a guide for the game, an OST collection, and a digital artbook, all available at different tiers. Larger pledges of at least $70 will net you access to the studio’s previous games, as well as beta access to The Frozen Kingdom.

The Frozen Kingdom has a demo available on both Itch.io and Steam. If you’re interested in supporting the project, you can do so on Kickstarter until July 6th, 2:46 PM CEST. As of this writing, the campaign has currently raised $2,168 thus far (estimated from MX$37,678).

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