Putting the "Joy" back in joystick

Black Academy Secret Plus, Catdoors' side-scrolling roguelite shooter, is now available on JAST USA and Itch.io.

Developed by Catdoors and published by Medibang, Black Academy Secret Plus is the naughtier version of the title BLACK★ACADEMY, which was previously released on Steam. The story takes place in the eponymous Black Academy, a school with a harsh working environment. Hazing, working overtime, and running private errands for teachers has become an everyday occurrence for the students.

When Rina, a 2nd-year student, is confronted by a fluffy little creature, it tells her the truth behind the school: the Black Academy is run by demons that feed off of humans' negative emotions, and thus plan to turn all schools into Black Academies. After being inspired by the magical world, Rina became a magical girl in the hopes of putting an end to the demons’ plans.

In the game proper, players will need to collect spells around the map, defeat devils, and clock out of work. Spells you collect can get stronger and change appearance through upgrade items. Additionally, more magical girls will join Rina, with each one will having their own unique set of attacks. Experiment with the different spells and characters to choose the ones best suited to your preferred playstyle. While you're in the magical world, you can also meet with its adorable residents. These cute creatures will tell you about how they ended up in the devils’ barrier. Despite their stubborn nature, they will help you clock out.

“The school’s like hell... It’s actually run by devils?!”

Black Academy. An institution that forces its students to work. Unfair treatment by seniors, overtime every day. On top of that, teachers have private errands for students! The students were inspired by the magical world and became magical girls. Will they put an end to the devils’ plan and clock out?

Fight back against the overtime enforced by powerful devils! Devils live by consuming the dark emotions created by work. They try to use the most powerful stress to rule the world. Get the devils’ attacks under control and step closer to clocking out.

You can purchase Black Academy Secret Plus on Itch.io for $15.99 and on sale from JAST USA for $11.99. When the sale on JAST USA ends, the game will return to its original sales price of $15.99.

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