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Short Visual Novel Sweet Hut Released on Steam

Sweet Hut, Hafr’s visual novel about a romantic night interrupted by a pervert, is now available for purchase on Steam.

Developed by Hafr, Sweet Hut is an erotic visual novel where a girl is abducted during a date with her lover. In a tranquil forest, two women were chatting away as they watched the stars. What was meant to be a romantic night of cuddling near the campfire and making love in the open air was interrupted by a crazy pervert, who was masturbating in a bush while watching them. When he steps out of the bush, he brandishes a gun and demands one of the girls to come with him. The tallest girl volunteers to save the other one, following the man to his cabin. What awaits her is a nightmare of torturous pleasure. The question remains: will she ever see her lover again or be forced to suffer an endless hell?

The game features 3D CGs, as well as characters with distinct motives and personality that aim to keep players invested in the story. Players can expect to explore a depraved story where a girl falls victim to the lust of her captor. The sex scenes contain scenes such as rape, netorare, fingering, and bondage.

Sweet Hut is a visual novel for adults only. This game is about two lesbian friends who decide to sit and chat around a campfire. But it wasn't to be! A pervert jumps out of the bushes and takes one of the girls to his cabin…

The game will please you with quality graphics, lively and vivid characters. So don't miss your chance to dive into a world of voluptuousness and fantasy! Sweet Hut is a game where you can enjoy seductive scenes and erotic content, satisfying your most daring and secret desires.

Sweet Hut is available for PC and Linux. You can purchase the game on Steam for $5.99.

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