If it's a hole, it's a goal.

A small team of developers seeks funding for their otome visual novel BODYGUARDS, with the adult version being exclusive to backers.

Tokyo Dream, is an experienced team of eroge developers with a history in comedy, mystery, adventure, and romance games, seeking funding for their first otome title, BODYGUARDS.

In this new project, players will take the role of a young woman of high status, being the daughter of a wealthy businessman. Her parents notice that she prefers to hang out at the university with local thugs rather than bonding with proper, refined youths. In fear for her safety, they decide to hire a bodyguard for their daughter. To make sure it’s someone she can trust, they arrange for her to spend some time with a handful of applicants and choose one among them. However, they don’t realize when many of the bodyguards turn out to be the exact thugs they’ve been afraid of.

The visual novel will be somewhat linear, containing a series of dialogue between the heroine and each of the bodyguard. The player’s task is to flirt with them and hopefully unlock new romance scenes associated with each of the candidates.

The male cast includes Ashton, a charismatic leader to the campus gang with a reputation of being disloyal; Chris, the rebellious and selfish rapscallion; Ryan, a diligent bookworm with a tough side; and his opposite Zac, who’s a tender, shy, and largely innocent poet. While interviewing her potential bodyguards, the heroine will also have to deal with a trio of servants who currently watch over her safety themselves.

To produce BODYGUARDS according to their vision, Tokyo Dream needs to gather at least $2,137 before June 20th. The crowdfunding campaign is well on its way, with about half of the funding already collected. Naturally, there are plans to expand the project if funding goals are exceeded. At $4,000 two new characters will be added: an extra bodyguard and Akemi from Tokyo Dream’s previous game, The Last Sun. Each stretch goal after that will simply mean the inclusion of one additional bodyguard to the story.

Those who support the game may expect a number of bonuses. Most importantly, the only way to purchase the adult version of BODYGUARDS is to pledge at least $33 during the crowdfunding campaign. This will net you a copy of both the romantic and erotic versions of the game, as well as its soundtrack, and digital wallpapers. There are no plans to distribute the adult version of BODYGUARDS past the crowdfunding rewards.

Higher pledges offer the chance to be credited in the game, as well as access to special game versions, in which your chosen name will replace that of one of the male characters. Finally, those who pledge at least $214 can receive a limited release physical copy of the game for windows. The CD will include both versions of the visual novel and other standard, digital rewards.

Tokyo Dream is a team comprised of the programmer Choloco, character designer Sutemo with assistance of erotic artist Kaho Okashi, background artists Darko and Shawli, as well as musician Makimak. The team reassures that the game is already well into production, but they need additional funding to take it to completion.

If you’re interested, you can support the campaign for BODYGUARDS on Kickstarter until June 20th, 2PM PST.

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