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The Kickstarter campaign for Pretty Overseer, a dating simulator featuring kemonomimi characters, is underway and nearing its end.

Pretty Overseer is the kemonomimi version of Furry Tales’ furry eroge, Lovely Overseer. To offer some background on this title, the development team, Furry Tales, only releases furry games. After they published Lovely Overseer, there was demand for a non-furry version of the game, so they began work on a kemonomimi version of the game to release under Flaming Firefly. Pretty Overseer’s story will remain the same as Lovely Overseer’s, but there will be some differences in the scenes between the two.

In the game, you play as Aster, a lieutenant at an isolated military academy for people who are addicted to mana usage and easily lose control of their magic. You are under orders by your mistress, Neoma, to supervise and discipline the new recruits so they can use magic properly. Neoma can be insane and rather tyrannical to her subordinates; she’ll show no mercy if you prove to be useless to her. Will you follow your desires or her authority?

Aster must figure out the best way to train the new recruits without stressing them out too much, as they could completely lose control of their magic if they get too emotional. Once your recruits have finished their training, they will take a final test to determine whether they're fit to return to society. If they fail the test, they will be classified as dangerous individuals and isolated. After training the girls, you will have free time to do whatever you please around the academy. If you choose to romance the girls, you can buy gifts and go on dates with them.

Flaming Firefly needs €5,000 (approx. $5,343) to fully fund Pretty Overseer. The game is planned for a release on Steam with a NSFW DLC patch. If they reach their goal before the campaign's conclusion, Flaming Firefly has prepared some stretch goals to push towards.

At €8,000 ($8,609), they will make digital dakimakuras for each of the four girls. This will be available for all backers of the campaign.

At €12,000 ($12,913), a secret ending will be added to the game.

At €15,000 ($16,141), animated backgrounds will be added.

At €20,000 ($21,522), more CGs will be added .

At €30,000 ($32,283), the game will be translated into more languages.

At €45,000 ($484,24), voice acting will be added to the game.

At €55,000, more RPG elements will be added.

If you choose to become a backer for Pretty Overseer, there are nine reward tiers to back the game under.

For €10 ($11), you will receive a Steam key of the game, which will cost $14.99 when released, and updates on the project.

For €15 ($17), you will receive everything from the previous reward tier, your name in the credits, and a digital thank you card from the developer.

For €25 ($27), you receive everything from the previous reward tier, as well as a digital poster, and a pack of character icons.

For €30 ($33), you will receive everything from the previous tiers and a beta Steam key.

For €50 ($54), you will receive the rewards from the previous tiers, two more steam keys, and a DRM-free physical copy of the game.

For €60 ($65), you will receive the rewards from the previous tiers, a digital art book, original soundtrack, and digital stickers.

Unfortunately, the €120 ($129) "Design a CG" early bird reward tier is no longer available.

For €180 ($193), you will receive the previous reward tiers, the opportunity to design a CG, and a game designer credit. Design your own static image featuring an existing character in the game or your own. A scene will be written to go along with this CG and you will be credited as a game designer in the credits.

For €300 ($321), you will receive everything from the previous tiers, as well as the chance to design an animated CG, alongside a credit as a game designer. Just like with the prior reward tier, you will work with the developer to design a scene and CG featuring one existing or original character, and you will be thanked in the credits.

For €600 ($642), you will receive everything from the previous rewards tiers, along with the chance to design a minor character with an animated sprite, scene, and a short storyline.

The campaign for Pretty Overseer ends on June 6th. You can read more information about the game on the Kickstarter page. As of this article's writing, Flaming Firefly has raised €6,673 ($7,131) of their €5,000 ($5,343). You can also wishlist the game on Steam.

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