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Femdom RPG Temptation Coliseum AI Translation Now Available

Temptation Coliseum, a fantasy RPG about a combat tournament by Dry Dream, has received an official AI translation.

Temptation Coliseum is a combat-focused RPG set in the fantasy kingdom of Majitia. While the kingdom itself is peaceful, its princess finds herself longing for a true knight to stand at her side. In the hopes of finding new and capable warriors, she organizes a tournament with a massive prize in gold.

The story’s hero, the newbie magician, Marth, decides to participate in spite of his limited combat experience. There are those he wishes to help and the money from the tournament would help him finally reach his goals.

The tournament lasts for 8 days, during which players will be controlling Marth. The city in which the tournament takes place is located near a dungeon teeming with monsters, giving players an opportunity to gain experience and items for Marth to strengthen him for the coming battles. Days end whenever players apply for the next tournament battle, with the goal being to succeed in the competition.

Female warriors will often stand in Marth’s way, both in the arena proper and during dungeon crawls. If they're victorious in combat against the hero, they’ll take advantage of him for their own pleasure, while other erotic events simply play out as part of the narrative. There are 112 base erotic CGs to discover in Temptation Coliseum.

The story progresses through daily battles in the coliseum.

As you walk about town, you may get tempted by women, and lose your cash,

or even have your status forcibly levels through certain events.

Battles are turn-based.

Battle scenes unfold under 1 large illustration with our Battle Illustration system.

Check it out in the trial version.

Characters also chat during the fight, and enemy illustrations

change as they receive damage.

If the protagonist is defeat, their are cum-milking defeat ero events.

* Other than the day 3 character

Pose Art: 26 characters (50 base CG)

Event CG: 62 base CG (97 including variations)

112 base CG total (147 CG total including variations)

Temptation Coliseum is now available on DLsite for $10.97 (estimated from ¥1,540). The AI translation patch has to be downloaded separately.

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