Putting the "Joy" back in joystick

Midwest Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their romantic comedy visual novel, Outsiders, with a funding goal of $2,260 USD.

Outsiders centers on the freshman transfer student from another country named Damián (whose name can be changed), who just enrolled in Windsor Academy. It costs nothing to enroll in this particular school, but students are required to enroll in a club. All he has to do is survive regular high school life and find love. Of particular interest are four attractive transfer students, each of whom has their own backstories and dark secrets that they hide. Anna is an outgoing girl from Mexico who loves making friends; Lia is a rule breaker from France, whose idea of fun can sometimes be taken too far; Marina is a quiet Japanese girl who doesn’t like to talk about herself much; and Emily is a hardworking German transfer student who won't tolerate anyone making fun of her height.

Midwest Games needs MX$40,000 (approx. $2,260 USD) to fund Outsiders. If fully funded, the completed game is planned to have fourteen endings and minigames. If you choose to become a backer, there are seven different reward tiers to choose from.

Bronze Tier: For MX$100 ($6 USD), you will receive the demo version of Outsiders and access to the game’s Discord server.

Silver Tier: For MX$200 ($12 USD), you will receive everything from the previous reward tier, as well as HD illustrations and character concept art.

Gold Tier: For MX$600 ($34 USD), you will receive everything from the previous tier, a digital copy of the game, and the original soundtrack.

Platinum Tier: For MX$1,200 ($68 USD), you will receive everything from the previous tier and your name in the credits.

Diamond Tier: For MX$1,550 ($88 USD), you will receive everything from the previous reward tier and get the opportunity to become a game tester. You will be able to receive updates on the game’s progress and provide feedback.

Exchange Student Tier: For MX$2,000 ($114 USD), you will receive everything from the previous reward tier and six NSFW digital cards, featuring the girls in the game.

Outsider Tier: For MX$20,000 ($1,131 USD), you will receive everything from the previous reward tier and the chance to design your own minor character in the game. You will work with the developer on the appearance of the character and what role they will play in the story. This approach is to ensure that your original character doesn't conflict with anything that already exists in the game.

The campaign for Outsiders ends on June 3rd. As of writing this article, Midwest Games has raised MX$41,410.80 ($2,340 USD) of their MX$40,000 ($2,260 USD) goal. To read more about the game and the campaign goals, check out the game's Kickstarter page. There is also a demo for the title available on Itch.io.

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