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3D Hack and Slash Game Dungeon Slave Released on Steam

Dungeon Slave, zeexc's action game about a a horny teenager transported into a fantasy world, is now available on Steam.

Dungeon Slave is a hack-and-slash action game, in which one boy uses his semen to save the world. The protagonist is a masturbation-addicted teenager who gets transported to a fantasy realm while jerking off to an erotic magazine. When the magazine glowed with a strange light, he suddenly found himself in another place with three sexy female adventurers. The women explain how the world is under the control of the demon king, and that the only way to save the world is by using a full potion: a rare item that bestows people with the healing power and strength of a god. The trio of ladies soon find out the protagonist’s semen has the same properties of a full potion and promptly request his help to defeat the demon king.

During the adventure, players will be fighting as one of the three heroines, each of whom has their own unique fighting style. Arla Rain is a holy knight who wields a greatsword and can surround herself with a protective barrier; the succubus, Shena, carries a scythe that emanates a dark aura with every slash; and Fiel Winberrl is an elven archer that can shower her enemies in arrows with the power of a wind fairy.

To progress the story, players will be completing missions from a guild master and defeating each monster on every floor. Players can switch between characters during combat, and if a girl is low on health, you can have sex with her at an inn to replenish her HP. As you continue to have sex with the heroines, you will unlock more naughty poses for them. There are over twenty sex scenes in the game, including ones with 3D animations and Live2D animations. Additionally, the game's 3D sex scenes allow you to adjust the camera angles and animation speed.

You can purchase Dungeon Slave on sale from Steam for $7.19. After June 1st, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price of $8.99.

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