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NekoNyan Released Lorena and the Lands of Ruins Censored at the Request of the Developer

Shimenawan had the censored version of Lorena and the Lands of Ruins published on Steam and will no longer be developing eroge.

Previously, we had written about Lorena and the Lands of Ruins when NekoNyansoft announced the title at Anime Central in 2022. This third-person platformer and shooter was intended to be NekoNyan’s first non-visual novel eroge publication. On April 25th, 2023, NekoNyan made an announcement on their site regarding the adult content for the game, stating that Shimenawan requested them not to release either the 18+ version of the game or an 18+ patch for the Steam version. Shimenawan will also be removing the 18+ Japanese version of the game from DLsite and will no longer be producing adult games.

The following quote was taken directly from NekoNyansoft's blog.

Good afternoon everyone, we have some news regarding the release of Lorena and the Land of Ruins.

Due to concerns from the developers regarding the content of the 18+ version they have requested that we not release the 18+ standalone version or an 18+ patch for the Steam version in any form, be it official or unofficial.

They will simultaneously also be taking down the 18+ version of the Japanese version as well and will not be producing adult content in the future.

As we wish to abide by the wishes of the creators, we will be only releasing an all-ages version of the game. We understand this may be disappointing for some of you, but adult content made up a very small portion of the game, and the gameplay aspects are not affected.

We hope you enjoy the title regardless.

To follow up on the request made by Shimenawan, NekoNyan published Lorena and the Lands of Ruins on Steam without any adult content on May 25th, 2023. NekoNyan has since clarified in a post on Twitter that they will continue to release standalone 18+ versions of games and 18+ patches unless a similar situation occurs: if the developer asks them not to release any 18+ content of their game and the publisher is unable to convince them otherwise, NekoNyan will honor their wishes. After the backlash following this announcement, Shimenawan has locked their Twitter account and their bio now contains a bullet point that roughly translates to “We do not develop or distribute works for adults.”

You can read NekoNyan’s announcement about Lorena and the Land of Ruins on their blog and their posts on Twitter.

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