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Adventure Game Adorable Witch5 : Lingering Now Available on Steam

Adorable Witch5 : Lingering, lovelygames' exploration game about a school of magic, is now available for purchase on Steam.

Adorable Witch5 : Lingering is an adventure exploration game set at an academy of magic known as the Suess Witch Academy. The protagonist is the first human male to receive a recruitment notice from its board; only women and beastmen have been allowed thus far. The hero doesn’t know why he’d be the first man invited to an academy meant for witches, but one thing is obvious: for now, he’ll be the only human male student there.

At the academy, players quickly meet the mischievous witch Lilia. She keeps breaking the rules by misusing spells, which has led to her being held back from graduating time and again. The hero is also offered advice from the elf Celine. She’s considered the smartest student on campus and seems shy, yet tends to look down on others.

The game is all about exploring the large academy grounds, completing tasks either as part of your studies or for the two heroines. Most quests require finding specific items hidden somewhere on campus. In total, there are 10 CGs to discover in the game.

Game background:

A shiny bird flutters toward you with an envelope in its beak, and you open it out of curiosity.Suess Witch Academy Recruitment Notice:

Dear classmate, your magic letter has arrived. In view of your outstanding performance and talent, you stand out from the crowd of Muggles. After review, we decided to send this letter as a sincere invitation. Suess Witch Academy has the most harmonious teaching environment, don't worry about dealing with interpersonal relationships, the seniors are the best to get along with, they will take good care of you~❤

After you closed the letter, you fell into deep thought. You understand the truth, but why is it Witch Academia! ! !

Game Features

In the game, you will experience:

· Continuing the world view of the Magic Academy from the previous work, with a more immersive plot description

· The character design is more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people

· Interesting and creative gameplay experience, new gameplay!

· A total of 10 CGs can be obtained, and dozens of additional illustration events can be added

· Brand new dynamic cg

Adorable Witch5 : Lingering is now available on Steam for $8.99. Adult content has to be installed separately using a free DLC found on the store page.

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