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TSUNDERE MILFIN, a clicker and match-3 game featuring a busty Muslim woman, has been released on Steam.

TSUNDERE MILFIN is a comedic visual novel with mechanics from clicker and match-3-styled puzzle games. The title was developed by CUTE ANIME GIRLS, who were also behind Catgirls From My Sweet Dream. In the game, you have just been interviewed for the job of your dreams at the titular investment company, Tsundere Milfin. Your new boss, Areesha, is strict and religious, but extremely cute, and you want to earn her both respect and affection. Though you try to get to know her better and work your best to impress her, some situations make it a difficult task. Areesha may be good at her job, but she's also a major klutz: she gets stuck in elevator doors and slips on wet floors easily.

There are two gameplay sections featured: the match-3 puzzles and the clicker game portion. The match-3 puzzle serves as a way to get closer to Areesha, framed as playing her favorite game with the goal of impressing her with a high score. Similarly to other visual novels, players will need to make the right choices to improve their relationship with her. Meanwhile, the idle clicker portion of the game is framed as doing your job at the company, with the goal of investing in different establishments to earn a profit. You can use the money you earned to either buy upgrades or gamble in the casino.


- Puzzles Match3 will help you connect with Areesha. She really likes this game. She will definitely be impressed with your skills.

- Visual novel: learn more about working at TSUNDERE MILFIN, and of course get to know your cute Muslim colleague better :3

- Humorous Office Situations: The game is set in a frantic office environment, with humor and unexpected situations that allow you to relax.

- Character Development: The relationship between the player and his stern boss is central to the story, and the player's choice affects the development of their relationship.

- Work-Conviction Balance: The game explores the idea of balancing the demands of work with personal beliefs and values, a topic that is both relatable and thought-provoking.

- Smooth Live2d animations.

- Animated cute backgrounds

- Stunning soundtrack by the best lofi artists: G374, smth.nothing, Zephyr Deer,, of4gatto_feelin, Meloxen,, 09eleven ♥

You can purchase TSUNDERE MILFIN on Steam for $2.99. Don’t forget to download the free TSUNDERE MILFIN - Office Haram 18+ DLC to unlock the adult content.

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