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Country Bumpkin Yutaka, an adventure exploration game by Ota Guchi Field, has been published by Kagura Games on Steam, GOG, and their storefront.

Country Bumpkin Yutaka takes place in the small town of Cocco, home to the oblivious Yukata. The young girl had recently left the town to spend some time with her relatives in the big city but is now returning to reconnect with her friends. Everyone’s surprised at how much she’s grown during her time away. Her mischievous, tomboyish personality didn’t change a bit, though: she’s still full of energy, aloof, and completely shameless. With everyone surprised at her new looks, the first thing she does is flash her boobs with no understanding of modesty — just to remind everyone that she’s still Yutaka.

Coming back to the town is also her chance to reconnect with her sister, the much more modest Keiko; however, despite her proper attitude, Keiko falls for the horniness disease that sometimes affects the people of Cocco. At the same time, the sisters notice that their mother’s been acting strangely as of late. The two girls soon start working together to resolve this new mystery.

The game’s sole focus is exploration and puzzle-solving. Depending on the story’s chapter, players can control either Yutaka or Keiko. The girls have to collect clues from the townsfolk and search for the items needed to pass through obstacles in their investigation. There’s no combat or any way to lose the game. Country Bumpkin Yutaka is in large part a remake of Ota Guchi Field’s “Mucchi Muchi Inaka”, expanded with a new story of Keiko investigating the cause behind their mother’s strange behavior. There are over 150 erotic events in the game to discover, featuring 120 base illustrations.

Guide Yutaka through the town of Cocco, exploring every nook and cranny to solve its many mysteries. Where is the evil coming from, and what can be done to stop it? Why is her mother acting so weird? And what are the little shrines that seem to be scattered everywhere, just out of sight?

Talk to the townsfolk, solve their problems as well as your family's, and play with your friends! And whenever a wall seems insurmountable, Yutaka's sister Keiko will step in, using her knowledge and experience to solve any problem Yutaka can't tackle on her own!

Country Bumpkin Yutaka is now available on Steam, GOG, and Kagura Games for $14.99. Adult content for the Steam version has to be installed using a patch found on the publisher’s website, while the GOG version uses an unrated DLC instead.

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