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Daily life with my succubus boss, a simulation game by 樹懶叫工作室, HEIJUN, and Maker製造機 has been released on Steam.

Daily life with my succubus boss is a simulation game following a miserable corporate worker who’s been exploited for much of his life. Despite committing all his time to working as a diligent engineer, all he earned for his efforts was bullying at the hands of his boss. After even his own fiancée leaves him, he becomes utterly desperate. This leads him to attempt a demon summoning ritual, which not only works, but also summons a succubus with an appearance resembling that of his toxic boss.

The demon summoning wasn’t a one-and-done deal: the demon now lives at the protagonist’s home, offering him sex every night while having her own set of expectations towards him. The game simulates daily life by asking players to manage the protagonist’s work-life balance. Time can either be spent making money at the office or spent with the succubus heroine, while nights offer an interactive sex scene. Choices and actions during copulation will increase the heroine’s affection, unlocking animated, fully-voiced sex scenes. The score is also used to determine which ending the player will receive, while any accumulated funds carry over into the next playthrough, making future management a bit easier.


※Adult scenes with full-on, sensual audio!

To ensure all your sensory needs are fulfilled, all the adult scenes in the game have super intense voice acting! Dive into the sexy sounds of dirty-talking babes!

※Live2D: Highly detailed animations that'll rev yer desires!

Character visuals and CGs use Live2D to bring the experience to life. Get ready for a visual feast that's so sweet you'll never go back to porn.

※Master Artist TAMADA HEIJUN!

Sakyuuba the succubus is drawn by the master artist TAMADA HEIJUN (200K Twitter followers!!!). From her hair down to her toes, this babe exudes nothing but super sexy, sensual vibes!

※Cohabitation simulation gameplay, lifelike interactions!

Interact with and talk to Sakyuuba to experience her haughty, naughty personality! The more you get to know her, the more... "secrets" will be unlocked (Adult scenes, dummy).

※The curtain of night has fallen... Give it your all, and please the woman that belongs to you!

During the sex scenes, players can not only enjoy the delights of Live2D, there's also tons of ways to interact and... play. Do your best to make her cum and cum again, until the light of day has come!

Daily life with my succubus boss is now available for PC, Mac and Linux on Steam for $9.99.

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