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Kuroinu Redux, a complete version of Liquid’s classic visual novel, has been published on Steam and Johren by Shiravune.

Kuroinu Redux takes place in the fantasy lands of Eos, embroiled in a chaotic war between the alliance and the dark elves. Ruled by Queen Olga, the dark elves have made use of necromancy and demons to spark a conflict that’s lasted centuries. Her influence has since begun to wane, prompting the allied races to plan their final push.

To succeed in ending the war, the alliance hires the renowned mercenary king Vult and his Black Dog band. As they place their trust into Vult, they don’t realize how greedy he truly is. The moment the Black Dogs conquer Olga's kingdom, they establish a new stronghold, taking the land for themselves. Turning on his former allies, Vult declares the birth of a new country of debauchery, where women will be made into obedient slaves for the sexual satisfaction of men.

Kuroinu is a successful nukige series, filled with dark themes and extreme portrayals of rape. Since its release, it has received two OVAs, manga, and a sequel. In the past, the visual novel was received an English in chapters on MangaGamer. Kuroinu Redux presents the experience in a complete package, featuring the entire, fully-voiced story and all associated artwork, including CGs absent from the previous translation; however, unlike the individual chapter releases, Kuroinu Redux retains the mosaic censorship from the original Japanese release.

Eos, the western plains of the continent of Serenus—

With the dark-elven queen’s influence finally waning, the centuries-long war between the allied races and her demon army seems to be entering its final phase...

Desperate to end the bloodshed once and for all, the Seven Shields Alliance—seven strongholds along Eos’s northernmost border united by an elven reincarnation of the Goddess Larentia—seek out the assistance of the protagonist Vult and his Black Dog Mercenaries.

However, the young Vult wastes no time in betraying them, moving his headquarters to the realm of the dark elf Queen Olga herself!

Shock, panic, indignation, then grief... Eos’s inhabitants cannot believe their fate at the hands of this treacherous “hero” as he leads his minions into their towns and villages, and even the lands of former friends and allies.

Kuroinu Redux is now available on Johren for the promotional price of $15.99, where it will later cost $19.99, as well as on Steam for the full price. Adult content for the Steam version has to be installed separately using a free patch.

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