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Harem of Monster Girls, AL Kuo’s visual novel centered around monster girls, is now available for purchase on Steam.

In Harem of Monster Girls is a visual novel where a fanboy of simulation games is summoned to save a fantasy world. One night, after being immersed in a monster girl game, the protagonist wakes up in a marble temple, where he finds a silver-haired girl looking down at him. Her name is Sophia, the goddess of this world, who has summoned him as a Brave in order to save the world. Despite being a goddess, she wasn’t actually very competent. Upon granting the hero an ability, she accidentally gave him the strongest power: “God’s Power.”

With his newfound power, the protagonist immediately decides to use it for his own personal benefit. He uses the power of love on an arrogant Elf Queen, Fraise, and a sweet slime girl, Moko. In the process, he learns that the Otherworld is chaotic and that there are other Braves summoned here besides himself. He can't help but wonder: how did the world end up like this, what happened to the other Braves, and who is behind it all? He then reasons that, maybe if he solves the world, he can use this opportunity to start his own harem of cute monster girls.

Harem of Monster Girls has fifteen base CGs and three heroines: Sophia, Fraise, and Moko.

One day, when I was immersed in a monster-girl game, I woke up as a summoned "Brave!" The unreliable and silly goddess, arrogant Elf queen, and gentle humanoid Slime all needed my help saving the world... It wouldn’t be hard to build a harem, would it?

◆Game features

◇15 basic CGs

◇Game text: 50,000

◇Three main female characters

You can purchase Harem of Monster Girls on Steam for $6.99.

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