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Time Is Mine, MediBang's adventure game centered around abusing time control powers, is now available on

Time Is Mine is a game about a conflict between two close friends. Takuo Shibuno has been bullied since his youth, even dropping out of school because of it. Seeing that he looks much older than he really is, many in the past have found him disgusting. These experiences have also made him resent the opposite gender, assured that he’ll never garner honest attention from a woman. Based on this belief, he’s made a pact with a close friend of his: neither him nor Kimoota would abandon their virginity for the rest of their lives.

The arrangement wouldn't last long, as merely a year later, Kimoota brags to Takuo about having a girlfriend. To Takuo, this revelation comes across as a great betrayal. A supernatural being known as the Ruler of Time notices his lifelong plight. He approaches the young man and offers him a chance for revenge by teaching him the powers to stop time.

Takuo decides to use his newly-gained abilities to exploit Kimoota’s girlfriend. Players are granted freedom to explore the city, with the general task of stalking the young woman. There’s no combat or puzzles to solve, with the game’s only focus being on exploration and discovering new erotic events. Over the course of the game, Takuo takes advantage of the young woman in various scenarios, usually while she’s frozen in time, only for her to awaken to the realization that she’s somehow been violated.

Takuo Shibuno was bullied in school, and considered to stop going because of his balding head and aged-looking face.

He stayed at home every day and continue to endure abuse from his parents.

He also had only one friend.

Takuo used to play games and watch anime at home with Kimoota.

They formed a non-attractive alliance and vowed to be virgins for the rest of their lives.

But one day his friend said he has a girlfriend.

...It was an act of betrayal to the Takuo who formed the alliance.

"Don't be silly, I'll let you graduate from the virgin before me."

The ruler of time appears.

The ruler of time said so to Takuo, "Shall I give you the ability to rule time? "

Takuo got the ability to stop time from the ruler at the time.

Takuo tried to thoroughly violate his friend's girlfriend, humiliated her in various places, and tried to sleep with her.

Time is Mine is now available on for $9.00. In the past, the game was also published on DLsite, where it remains available for $8.77 (estimated from ¥1,210). A demo of the game is also available on the DLsite store page.

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