Fapping is more than just a game

Under Contract, Kinky Friday's match-3 orb-shooting puzzle game about an office run by demons is now available on Steam.

Under Contract follows the crazy struggle that befalls a loafing college dropout, Richard. Having ended up nearly completely broke, Richard began applying for every possible job he could find. The moment one was finally offered to him, he immediately signed the contract without bothering to read it. The boring office job seemed fine during the day — at least when ignoring his irritable coworkers. The true problems arose on the night of his first shift: after going to bed, Richard had a dream of working again, which only made him wake up even more exhausted. Unfortunately for him, it was no dream.

The demon-run office that employed Richard offers a cursed contract to its workers. By its rules, everyone is obligated to work a second shift while their body sleeps. As might be expected, one can’t just leave a job like that, backing Richard into a corner. He finds a glimmer of hope when he learns of the magical nature of the dream world. By navigating it properly and defeating demons in duels of puzzle combat, he can win their shares of the company, improving his position at the office. If he gets promoted high enough, he could technically free himself from the company — assuming he can make it all the way there. Fortunately, he has many coworkers who fell for the very same trap, and by freeing them, he might stand a fighting chance.

Under Contract makes use of match-3 gameplay inspired by 90’s puzzle games, such as Puzzle Exchanger and Magical Drop. During gameplay stages, players have to pick up orbs from the top of the screen and shoot them back into each other, trying to match at least 3 of the same color. Successful matches not only grant points but spawn additional rows of orbs on the enemy side. The goal of each stage is to overwhelm the enemy before Richard’s screen fills up with orbs. The game spices up these puzzle challenges with special effect orbs, visual novel-style narration, and animated, 3D sex scenes.

Richard works alongside many female employees, and most puzzle levels are played against other opponents, usually demons. Winning stages and progressing the story will let Richard spend intimate moments with other employees or watch them being exploited by the demons. All of these scenarios are fully animated with 3D graphics.

Under Contract is now available in Steam Early Access, GOG, and Itch.io for the promotional price of $8.49 until May 25th, at which point it will cost $9.99. A demo is available on the store page.

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