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Phyllis, The Receptionist of The Guild, NAGINATA SOFT's RPG Maker game, is now available for purchase on Itch.io.

Developed by NAGINATA SOFT and published by Medibang, Phyllis, The Receptionist of The Guild features a story shown through two perspectives: that of the titular receptionist, Phyllis, and the adventurer, Mark. Phyllis works as a receptionist in the adventurer's guild in the town of Losteria and has fallen in love with one of the adventurers, Mark. She’s in charge of accounting, managing investments, and recruiting new adventurers. Violent monsters have been spawning frequently and causing problems for the town, so she hopes to find the source of the problem.

During Phyllis’ section of the game, she is capable of helping the town and the guild. During her time at the guild, she can assign quests and provides funding to adventurers; when the adventurers are away, she invests in the town’s protection and guild’s equipment. Guards are needed to protect the Losteria while the adventurers are away. If the guards in town aren't paid, they won’t do their job, leading to women being attacked by thugs. Phyllis can also help people around the town to get more adventurers recruited into the guild. Upon completing a task for them, Mark can then recruit them.

In the Quest and Adventurer sections of the game, players instead take control of Mark. Once you are done playing Phyllis’ part, you can switch over to the Adventurer section. Mark is able to recruit people to the guild, accept quests, and assemble a party. Before going out on a quest, you will need to buy equipment and items for your party. Both the quest section and combat in the game are automatic, with Mark and his party going through a dungeon and fighting monsters. Your party is limited to four characters against normal enemies, but against chapter bosses, you can have up to twelve adventurers in battle. If you lose the battle, some of your adventurers will be captured.

You can purchase Phyllis, The Receptionist of The Guild on Itch.io for $14.99.

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