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Brothel Simulator Love Hotel in the Deep Forest Now Available on Itch.io

Love Hotel in the Deep Forest, a side-scrolling brothel simulator by PixxGame, is now available for purchase on Itch.io.

Love Hotel in the Deep Forest combines elements of 2D action side-scrollers with those of a brothel simulator. Players are tasked with purchasing housing and hiring prostitutes, who will serve their clients throughout the day. At night, monsters begin to swarm the area, attacking the buildings. Players will have to defeat the invaders in time before they lose their progress.

The game doesn't have an end goal, but in order to hire all 9 heroines and view their animated erotic scenes, players will have to survive for multiple days while defending their property. Building houses and feeding the heroines requires gathering to be done, either during the day or while fighting off monsters. The girls earn diamonds for their work, which can be used by the player to upgrade either themselves or the girls. The houses can also be improved, gaining additional health with each level.

There’s theoretically no game over state in Love Hotel in the Deep Forest, but if a house is destroyed, it loses all of its upgrades and the heroine inhabiting it disappears. While the main character can’t be damaged, players still have to fight carefully by managing their stamina bar. The resource is consumed for melee and ranged attacks, as well as running, becoming crucial to managing both fighting and caring for the heroines. Upgrades can also be purchased to steadily increase damage, available stamina, and the total stamina limit.

+ Game introduction:

-This is a new simulation platform game.

You will build a series of love rooms.

Hire sexy staff and greet guests.

you need to collect materials such as wood and diamond meat to

Build and nurture the rooms.

to make your business more stable and automated. you will need to upgrade yourself.

Let's become stronger to protect the rooms from attacking monsters.

They will attack you at night. Be careful.

There are 9 pixel staff18 sex animation scenes.

Each Staff has 2 sex scenes.

Love Hotel in the Deep Forest is now available on Itch.io for the promotional price of $4.00, where it will later cost $5.00. A demo of the game is also available on the store page.

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