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Succubus Slave, an AI-assisted roguelike by Caramel Soft, is now available on DLsite.

Succubus Slave is an erotic roguelike taking place in the dream world. The protagonist opens his eyes to find himself being serviced by two girls with bat wings growing out of their heads. Ridiculing him, they introduce themselves as succubi, explaining that they’ve trapped him in their dream world to serve as livestock, together with many other men they house. While he’s sleeping in the real world, so long he is here, he won’t be waking up.

After his captors leave, the man is given free rein to roam around the dilapidated houses that serve as homes to men. The other captives explain that this is a terrifying place to be stuck in, warning him that it won't take long before the constant, enforced sex turns into torture. There is a rumor among them, though. It is said that atop the Dream Castle where the succubi reside, there’s a portal back to the real world. Seeing this as his only chance, the man begins his attempt to sneak out.

The game’s levels are comprised of small, randomly generated mazes. The game places walls at random on each stage, which is then populated by the succubi. Players are meant to race to the room’s exit while the succubi chase after them. If the player is caught, an erotic scene plays out as the protagonist is captured.

Succubus Slave has no ending to its story. Players are instead free to challenge the floors of the Dream Castle at their leisure, unlocking as many erotic scenes as they can. New artwork is provided every ten levels, and the entire gallery becomes available to anyone who reaches the 100th floor. The game features 1,000 AI-generated images to unlock, many of which present the succubi raping the protagonist to their liking.

Succubus Slave is now available on DLsite for $96.14 (estimated from ¥13,200). A demo is available on the store page, should one wish to try it out before purchasing the full game.

As is usually the case for games on DLsite, you may need to set your system locale to Japanese for the game to run properly. You can find more info, and how to change the setting, here.

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