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Married Woman Cosplay Life, PAJAMAS EX's nukige about newlyweds enjoying cosplay has been published on Steam by PRODUCTION PENCIL.

Married Woman Cosplay Life is a casual, slice-of-life nukige about a newlywed pair: the well-endowed Misuzu and her shy husband, Masakata. Masakata in particular enjoys cosplay and would like to introduce it to the pair’s bedroom activities. While initially reserved about revealing his interests, he eventually confesses to them while using a suggestion device recommended by his coworker. Despite her skepticism, Misuzu agrees to give the idea a chance. She's always been shy about sex, but this new form of play could give her a chance to open up.

The visual novel is predominantly focused on its sex scenes, with players given the option to choose what cosplay Misuzu wears during sexual acts. Throughout the story, she cosplays as a nurse, a maid dons various school and sports uniforms, and more. The heroine is fully voiced in Japanese, with a performance by Shirotsuki Kaname. Married Woman Cosplay Life features a short story, a CG gallery mode with 25 base images, and a scene recollection mode.

Many of the CGs found in Married Woman Cosplay Life have been previously made available in the arcade mini-game PARADISE CLEANING - Married Woman Cosplay Life -. The visual novel provides a more story-focused way to enjoy the artwork made by Amane Ruri and Hinata Mutsuki.

Name: Misuzu Kagohara

Height: 164cm

Three sizes:B124/W61/H93

Characteristics:Gentle, serious, natural

※Japanese voice recording

※Male characters are not recorded

◆Game Specifications◆

・Novel game that can be read by clicking.

・Heroine full voice

・CG mode

・Scene recollection

Married Woman Cosplay Life is now available on Steam for $24.99.

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