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Burning Secrets - A Bara Visual Novel, the sequel to Hexproof Yag’s previous yaoi title, is now available on Steam and Itch.io.

Burning Secrets - A Bara Visual Novel takes place after the events of Burning Horns: A Bara Isekai JRPG. It's not required to play the previous game to enjoy this one, but there will be references to people and places from the first game. Despite the last game being an RPG with turn-based combat and party systems, this title is strictly a visual novel where the choices made affect the outcome of the story.

After Diego, the protagonist from Burning Horns, returned to his own world, the rest of the guys continued on with their lives. One day, Zafir went on one of his expeditions and never returned. The old wizard went out into the forest, with nobody catching sight of him since he left. Worried for his well-being, the impish satyr, Luxus, went into the forest with Fin to search for him.

Players take control of Luxus, deciding whether he falls in love with Zafir, Fin, or both. Depending on the choices you make, he can either end up alone or in a loving relationship. The game has multiple endings: two bad endings, one good ending, and a secret polyamorous ending. There are three H-scenes, five achievements, and around one to two hours of content.

- Choice System

- Unique Endings

- Polyamorous Ending

- Game Gallery

- Around 1~2 hours of gameplay

- Steam Achievements

You can purchase Burning Secrets - A Bara Visual Novel on Itch.io and Steam for $4.99. If you plan on buying the game from Steam, don’t forget to download the NSFW Edition DLC to unlock the adult scenes.

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