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Jenni’s DONG has got it GOIN’ ON: The Jenni Trilogy, a texting-centric visual novel, has been published on Steam by TinyHat Studios.

Jenni’s DONG has got it GOIN’ ON: The Jenni Trilogy is a remastered collection of three eroge developed by The Poundry. The trilogy contains Jenni Wrong Number, Jenni’s New Friend, and Jenni Truth or Dare. In these games, players will be texting with a big-breasted futanari and choosing different conversation options with her. Your choices will take you down different paths, unlocking new CGs along the way. The updated version of these titles feature more dialogue options, an accessible gallery, improved illustrations, and fullscreen support.

In Jenni Wrong Number, you receive some raunchy texts and pictures from a futanari named Jenni, but you weren’t the one she meant to send them to. The game revolves around trying to keep the conversation going in spite of this, so that she’ll send you more. Jenni’s New Friend centers on a conversation where Jenni texts you while she's at a party and tells you all about the new friends she has made, even sending pictures to show just how well they are getting along. In Jenni Truth or Dare, you and Jenni play a naughty game of truth-or-dare to entertain yourselves; if Jenni has a good time, she will reward you.

Three remastered erotic classics, one big meaty package! Get a peek into the life of Jenni- a bodacious bimbo who knows how to have a good time. This intersex bombshell loves to tease her latest playthings, and it looks like she's got her sights locked onto you next!

Revisiting your favorites- the Jenni trilogy features improvements and new features!

GALLERY MODE: Quickly access your favorite pics you've unlocked- again, again, and again!

UPDATED ART: Higher resolution exports alongside re-drawn and touched up illustrations!

NEW FUNCTIONALITY: Save states, full screen support, speed selector, music toggle!

You can purchase Jenni’s DONG has got it GOIN’ ON: The Jenni Trilogy for $9.99 on Steam.

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