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Tamas Awakening, Whiteleaf Studio’s nukige visual novel centered around breeding, is now available for purchase on Steam.

Tamas Awakening is a 2D hand-drawn visual novel, in which a psychologist uses hypnotism to impregnate the women around him. A mysterious entity has given the psychologist, Rick, the ability to hypnotize people. Upon receiving this gift, he started using it to breed with the women in his life. This game allows players to decide how Rick is related to the women he lives with: you can label one as his landlady, mother, roommate, childhood friend, sister, cousin, or even something else.

This game is centered around breeding and impregnation, but it also includes scenes with BDSM, anal, cosplay, sex toys, incest, and milking. Six girls will join the harem, each of whom fits into their own niche. Anna is a tan tomboy; Esther is a shy, closeted pervert; Willow is Esther’s more mischievous and perverted sister; Mary is a MILF, Hazel is a spoiled brat; and Agnes is an arrogant business woman. Players will be able to corrupt them to their heart's content and make the women have their offspring.

About This Game:

Tamas awakening is a 2D hand-drawn visual novel with top-notch artwork where you play as a young psychologist who obtains a mysterious ancient power from a mystic entity, and you become able to hypnotize people. With this power, you'll have the chance to fuck (and BREED) all the girls around you, especially those who live with you. This game features lots and lots of impregnation and breeding dirty talk, so if that's your thing you'll love it.

This is a LINEAR nukige game, and it features no choices or alternative endings. Sex comes first, plot comes last.

You can purchase Tamas Awakening on sale from Steam for $8.99. After May 11th, the sale will end and the price will increase back up to $9.99.

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