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Alice in Cameraland, Oinari Soft's simulation game about directing a porn movie, is now available for purchase on DLsite.

Alice in Cameraland has players cooperate with an adult actress to create an erotic adaptation of the famous Alice in Wonderland story. Throughout the game, players will repeatedly attempt to shoot the movie with Alice. The heroine plays out each scene, inevitably ending them in compromising poses. Any time this happens, players get to throw ideas into a pot, which then affect the way the rest of the scene plays out. This repeats for every scene until the movie ends, at which point the game sums up the finished product, scoring its qualities on a four-point scale based on acting, sexiness, story, and uniqueness.

The way each scene plays out depends on the ideas used and the state of Alice herself. The heroine has two stats: horniness and stamina. She can be interacted with in-between each shoot to influence these stats, as well as given consumable items to adjust them on the fly. Depending on how horny she is, Alice will act in increasingly erotic manners and more willingly engage in sex; however, strenuous activities might deplete her stamina, and if she runs out, the shoot is canceled and the player receives no payment or items for completion.

Finishing movies improves the player’s relationship with Alice and unlocks new options, including new costumes. The movie scenes can branch further out by collecting specific costumes and items, giving opportunities for special directions at various points in the movie. Since there’s no end goal to Alice in Cameraland, players are free to experiment and see all the different ways they can direct and change their movie.


Cameraland creates all kinds of fairy tale films.

Become a director and shoot a film the way you like!

-Alice's lines and stories change depending on how horny she is

-Introduction of sexual status and erotic magazines unlocked by awards and the number of deeds

-The sex scenes are sequentially animated!

-The content ranges from soft panty flashes to getting hardcore violated by men!

■Character Introduction


A cute and hardworking new actress.

She received a job with Cameraland, a gateway to success for fairy tale actressesand will do her best on the film!

(She's new, so she will obey your instruction. If you tell her to get undressed, she will get naked. If you call for someone to cum on her...)

Alice in Cameraland is now available on DLsite for the promotional price of $8.57 (estimated from ¥1,155) until May 29th, at which point it will cost $12.25 (estimated from ¥1,650). A demo of the game is also available on the store page.

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