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Light and Shadow - Doppelganger, Geocentrism Theory's RPG about a girl seeking revenge, has been published by Hanabi Games on Steam.

Light and Shadow - Doppelganger is a fantasy RPG drama in which players get to decide how the life of an orphaned girl unfolds as those close to her die around her. The young Nora was found abandoned in a forest by an older man, who took her in as her own. Unfortunately, her adoptive father died during the war, her mother soon followed after, and her adoptive brother quickly made enemies trying to manage the family business on his own.

Realizing that the war between kingdoms was the trigger to the downfall of those she loved, Nora decides to dedicate herself to seeking out revenge. Fortunately, fate gives her an opportunity to do just that. In the past, her father helped out a paladin, who left with him a symbol. Using it, Nora could join the front lines as a holy warrior and help end the war herself. She also discovers that her mother used to be an assassin. With her old insignia in hand, she could also join the secretive organization and help destroy the invaders from within.

The player’s choice ultimately dictates the route taken for the rest of the game: Nora can either become a busty, blonde-haired paladin warrior or a dark-haired, petite assassin specialized in stealth. Each class is given unique quests, with much of the game revolving around taking new assignments from Nora’s faction of choice, letting her rank up and progress in new main story events. The paladin’s tasks frequently involve dungeon crawling with turn-based battles against monsters and bosses. Meanwhile, the assassin also has to take down bosses in combat, but can rely on stealth for major portions of her assignments.

The chosen class will also affect what type of erotic content the player will be exposed to. Both paladin and assassin can suffer from rape and humiliation. Many events take part as punishment for losing in combat, while others may be triggered by player choice. The assassin route is more hardcore than the paladin’s quests in terms of erotic content, though the latter is hardly plain, either. The game provides additional warnings if chosen options could lead to especially sadistic encounters.

Light and Shadow - Doppelganger is now available on Steam for $18.99. Adult content for the game has to be installed separately using a free patch available on publisher’s website.

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