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Two entries in Ninetail’s tactical RPG series, Venusblood Hollow International and Venusblood Frontier, are now available for purchase on MangaGamer.

Venusblood is a series of tactical RPGs in which players send battalions out to fight in a battle for power. MangaGamer has just released two games from the series on their store: Venusblood Frontier and Venusblood Hollow International.

In Venusblood Frontier, the story involves the Dark Lord Surt informing his heirs that the one who brings him the Heart of Yggdrasil will be next in line to claim the throne. Upon hearing this news, many of his heirs sprung into action to sabotage their rivals and invade the Continent of Yggdrasil themselves. The task won’t be as simple as simply being the first to snatch it, though, since the heart is currently under the protection of goddesses. Players will have to defeat the other demon heirs and corrupt the goddesses who stand in their way.

- Base Investment

- Tactical Battles

- Intimacy/Corruption of the Goddesses

- Unit Customisation

- The Routes of Law and Chaos

- Multiple Endings

- Freedom of Choice

Venusblood Hollow International takes place in the Holy Land of Helvetia, a land once under the protection of Goddess Elnath — until demons came to Earth and overthrew her. After she was replaced by four demon queens known as the Dark Lords, another conflict was about to unfold. One of the Dark Lords, Empress Karvia, planned to personally take over Helvetia for herself and declare war on the other three Dark Lords. While the odds seem to be against her, she has a secret task force ready to fight on her behalf.

- Battalion Battles (Triple Squad Battles)

- Customizable Squad

- Squad Positioning on the Map

- Optimizing Units

- Internal Administration

- Awakening System

- Multiple Endings

- Difficulty Modes & Replayability

Both games are available on sale from MangaGamer. You can purchase Venusblood Hollow International for $38.20 and Venusblood Frontier for $33.95. When the sale ends, Venusblood Hollow will increase back up to $44.95, while Venusblood Frontier will increase to $39.95.

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