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Casino Heist, a comedic visual novel about a Formula One Racer who gets roped into joining a heist, is now available on Steam and

Casino Heist is a romcom visual novel centered on Enrique Roca, a racing driver for DMW’s Formula One Team who had a promising future ahead of him — until he was caught in a devastating crash. Despite recovering from the incident, Enrique was told by his superiors that he was no longer allowed to race. Since he remained loyal to the team for all these years, they instead offered him a job as a promoter for the team’s North American division as a consolation prize.

While at the motoring expo fair, Enrique meets a friend from the past who offers a proposition that could earn him tons of cash: there is a rare treasure in one of Las Vegas’ biggest casinos and they plan to steal it. As he plans the heist with his crew, Enrique encounters many beautiful women, raising the possibility that he'll find more than riches on his adventure.

Casino Heist features a fusion jazz soundtrack to match the game's glitzy Vegas setting, as well as missions to complete and ladies to charm in Las Vegas.

Casino Heist is a Romantic Comedy Heist Visual Novel and Dating Sim where you play as ex-Formula One driver Enrique Roca, as he charms his way around the Las Vegas Strip to help his crew get away with the Heist of the Century.

- A thrilling yet also hilarious storyline

- Beautiful Anime style art

- Groovy fusion jazz soundtrack

- Plenty of CGs!

You can purchase Casino Heist on sale from Steam and for $6.39. After May 9th, the sale on Steam will end and the game will return to its original sales price of $7.99. If you plan to buy the game on Steam, don’t forget to download the Adults Only Patch DLC.

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